Keeping Cool When Your AC Is In Need Of Repair

Few things in the summer are worse than needing air conditioning repair, especially when the heat becomes unbearable and it will be days before you can get a technician to your home. If your AC unit isn't running quite like it should, here are ways you can keep your home cool until you can get the appliance fixed so you can feel more comfortable no matter how hot it is outside. Read More 

Should You Get A Leather Or Cloth Sofa?

When the time comes to shop for a new sofa, you have a lot of decisions to make: What color should you buy? Do you want legs or no legs? How long of a sofa do you want? One question, however, stands out from the rest and is one of the first decisions you'll need to make when shopping. Do you want leather or cloth? Read on to learn the benefits and drawbacks of both options. Read More 

Damaged Window Frames: The Problems They Can Cause & Cost For A Repair

Are the frames around your windows in bad shape? If you have attempted to repair the frames by sealing up cracks, you may want to get new ones installed instead. In this article, find out how damaged window frames can cause a problem for your house and what getting them repaired by a professional will cost. What Kind of Problems Can Damaged Window Frames Cause? Damaged window frames can affect how energy efficient a home is. Read More 

Organizing Your Office Move

When moving from one office building to another, you will want to make sure that the belongings you bring are moved safely and efficiently. Your company will most likely hire professional movers to take everything needed to your new building. They will be packing up your desk and furniture. You will be in charge of making sure your files are packed in a way that will be able to be unpacked easily when you arrive. Read More 

Flower Power: How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

When you think of a wedding, it's hard to imagine a bride clutching a bouquet of garlic and dill.  Yet, early bridal bouquets were often made up of various herb combinations.  Some herbs were believed to bring couples good luck.  Others, like sage, were thought to promote wisdom in a marriage.  While you may find an herb or two in a wedding bouquet, modern brides have many more choices.  With so many floral options, it can be hard to choose the perfect wedding bouquet. Read More 

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