Summer Tree Care Checklist

Adding trees to your home's landscape can be a great way to make your outdoor living space more scenic and comfortable. However, trees that are a source of shade and aesthetic beauty can quickly become a hazard if you aren't taking the time to provide proper care.

Here are two things you can do during the summer to ensure your trees are growing as strong and healthy as possible.

1. Provide enough water for your trees.

As the temperature rises during the warm summer months, your trees need regular access to water in order to maintain their strength and vitality. Trees that don't receive enough water can become brittle, making them more susceptible to storm damage.

Proper watering can help ensure the safety of the trees in your landscape. Start by watering trees in the morning to ensure moisture can easily be absorbed into the soil before it has a chance to evaporate under the hot summer sun. Place your sprinklers in the drip zone (the area beneath the foliage of your tree) and allow the sprinklers to run until an empty soup can placed in the drip zone is filled with at least two inches of water.

Providing enough water is the first step in ensuring your trees will remain strong and vibrant when faced with rising summer temperatures.

2. Fertilize your trees when needed.

Nutrient-rich soil is an essential component in any tree management program. It's important that you take the time to add some fertilizer to the soil surrounding your trees as needed throughout the summer.

Be sure that you are watching for signs that the soil your trees have been planted in is becoming depleted. If you notice that new leaves have dark veins, are undersized, or appear to be yellow or purple in color, these are indicators that your soil needs to be fertilized.

Consult with a tree care specialist to determine the best type of fertilizer to add during summer in order to prevent the potential for fertilizer burn when trying to maintain the strength and beauty of the trees in your home's landscape.

Proper maintenance plays a critical role in determining how healthy your trees stay during the warm summer months. Be sure that you are providing enough water and adding fertilizer to the soil surrounding your trees as needed throughout the summer to prevent weak or unsightly trees from dotting your home's landscape in the future. For more information on tree services, check out a website like

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