Four Facts About Bed Bugs That Everyone Needs To Know

You just hear the name "bed bug" and it makes your skin itch and your eye twitch. Bed bugs have become quite the rage over the last few years with an epidemic of the thirsty little blood suckers being declared just last year and their numbers are still growing. Why are these little insects causing just a stir now? Many believe the cause is that they have evolved over time and are now resistant to most insecticides. No matter the reason for the recent outbreak, here are a few facts you need to know about the pesky little pests.

They Are The Teacher's Pet

Bed bugs aren't anything if they aren't smart. These bugs are actually very intelligent creatures, learning how to survive at all costs. Bed bugs stay away from the limelight during the day so they aren't detected by the human eye. This means that they aren't just laying around on your mattress in all of their glory. No, they can be hiding in the box springs of your mattress or your baseboards. They even tend to hide in alarm clocks, picture frames and electrical outlets. They usually only ever set foot on your mattress while you're sleeping so they can dig in to a much needed meal.

They Are Worse Than Rabbits

When it comes to mating and making a "little" family, bed bugs take the cake. Bed bugs can reproduce three generations within a single year. And you thought your neighbor with the twelve kids was bad! A female bed bug lays at least one bed bug a day. This is why once you spot one, it is already too late. Chances are if you see one crawling around on your mattress, there are hundreds more lurking beneath it and around your house. If you see one, you need to contact an exterminator immediately to get rid of them properly.

The Less You Can Feel, The Better

The reason why bed bugs often go undetected is because they inject you with an anesthetic before they feast on your flesh. A bed bug's saliva actually works as an anesthetic. Once the area is numb, they will feed for up to ten minutes before leaving you alone. After they are done with you, they hide for about a week while they digest your flesh and lay eggs. Bed bugs are also notorious for having bowel movements while eating. So if you have ever been bitten by one of these blood suckers, chances are, it pooped on you too.

They Like To Travel

Bed bugs have probably seen more of the world than you have. They can be transferred completely undetected. They can go from hotel beds to your clothes to suitcases and all the way to your home without anyone ever knowing. This fact alone is why it is so important to wash everything you bring home with you after you have vacationed. Just a few bed bugs can turn into hundreds and you will never see it coming.

Bed bugs certainly are annoying little pests and with their numbers steadily growing it is important you know a little bit about them. Knowledge might be the only thing that shields you from one nasty infestation. For assistance, talk to a professional like Ace Walco & Sons Termite & Pest Control.

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