Tiny House On A Small Piece Of Land? Landscaping Tips To Make Your Yard Beautiful

If you have a tiny house and a small piece of land, you do not want landscaping that will be overwhelming; instead you want it to be small enough to go well with your home. However, you can still have a beautiful yard by following the landscaping tips below.

Container Garden

Because you have a small piece of land, you may not want to go around digging it up. For this reason, container gardens work well. Purchase containers at a garden store that are medium and small sized, as well as in a variety of colors. You could plant flowers and place a container on each side of your door. You could group some of them together to make it look like a flower garden. Some colorful and fragrant flowers that work well include:

  • Jasmine flower
  • Dianthus
  • Peony
  • Honeysuckle
  • Sweet geranium

Plant flowers that do not grow tall in front of your tiny home, such as petunias, Vinca, fanfare blanket flower, ice plant, and alyssum. Visit a garden center for many more flowers you can choose from.

Tiny Trees

Instead of having massive trees on your land, you can plant tiny trees that will go well with the size of your home.  Three of these trees include:

Contact a tree service company in your area, who will know of many tree varieties that do not grow tall. If there are existing trees on your land that are too tall, a tree removal company can remove these trees for you.

Use Water Features

You can add a small water feature to your landscaping. Instead of a waterfall or a pond, you could use an electric fountain with a small pot.  You can also find small three-tier fountains. Add some lights around the water feature to make it look even more beautiful. Visit a home improvement store or a garden center to look at the variety of water fountains you can choose from.  You could set a bench or a small table with chairs close to the fountain so you can enjoy listening to the water as you are relaxing.

Landscape Exterior Wall

Consider landscaping the exterior walls of your tiny house. For example, you could mount small pots along the wall, and plant flowers in them to create a mini garden. Put a trellis or lattice next to one of the walls and plant trailing roses. These flowers will climb up onto the trellis or lattice. You could put small landscaping lights around the roof. Purchase white lights that twinkle to make your home look beautiful at night.

Contact a landscape contractor who can help you design the perfect landscaping for your tiny house. 

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