3 Tips For Covering Up Scratches On Wooden Furniture

There are so many ways that your wooden furniture can become scratched up. Jostling it against a wall when moving it, having kids who have been less-than-gentle with it, can both cause nicks, scratches, and scrapes, and you might fear that your furniture is destined to look worn-out forever because of it. However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can try if you want to cover up scratches on wooden furniture. Try these tips, and you can get your furniture back looking great in no time.

1. Rub It Out

For some minor scratches and imperfections, you can actually buff out the spot to make it much less noticeable. To do so, you will want to use steel wool, which you can gently buff against the furniture. For some scratches, this will help even out the surface and make them less noticeable. Just remember not to bear down too hard because you don't want to damage the furniture even more.

2. Color It In

It might sound overly simplified, but you can color in many furniture scratches and can make them virtually unnoticeable. These are a few different ways that you can do so:

  • Use a mixture of coffee grounds and water to create a thick, dark paste. On dark furniture, gently rub the coffee mixture into the scratch or other imperfection until the scratched area begins to turn darker. Continue to buff the area until the scratched area begins to blend in.
  • Use paint or a permanent marker in a similar color to your furniture to quickly cover the area in. A brown or black permanent marker might do the trick perfectly, or you may be able to find the right paint mixed in with your kids' art and craft supplies.
  • Invest in a marker that is designed for this purpose. You can often find them at home improvement stores and furniture stores. They often come in many different colors, so you can choose one that matches your furniture color as well as possible.

3. Hire a Furniture Refinisher

If you are dealing with serious scratches, are worried because your piece of furniture is valuable or just want to make sure that the scratches blend in as well as possible, you are better off hiring a furniture refinisher. A good furniture refinisher like The Strip Joint will use a variety of tips, tricks, and techniques to make your furniture look its best. Plus, he or she can fix torn upholstery and other problems that you might be dealing with.

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