Even Though It Is Winter You Still Have Some Work To Do Outside

Just because it is winter doesn't mean you can forget all about your lawn, weeds, and pests. These things can actually be a problem now, and become even worse in the spring if you don't take care of them. Follow the tips below so you will have much less work to do this spring.

Lawn Maintenance

Even though your grass will not grow during the winter months, you still need to make sure it stays free of leaves. If you let leaves sit on the surface of your lawn all winter, it will get no sunshine, and when this happens, the grass will not look as healthy this spring. You also may have areas of your lawn that have patches of dead grass.

If your lawn has ice built up on it, try not to walk on it, as you can damage the grass beneath the ice if you do.

Winter Weeds

Don't think just because it is cold outside that you don't have to worry about weeds. There are winter weeds that can grow in your lawn. They start germinating as soon as the weather cools down, they grow slowly.

It is usually easy to get rid of winter weeds, as they stay small until spring arrives. Once the temperatures start to warm up, these weeds will grow very quickly and can take over your lawn.

The seed heads do not develop on the weeds until the spring. Once this happens, you will end up with thousands of weed seeds all over your lawn. Removing the weeds before the seed heads develop will stop this from happening.

The type of herbicide you use depends on the type of weeds you have. Annual bluegrass, wild garlic, henbit, common chickwood, and lawn burweed are common winter weeds. Because it may be hard to determine the type you have, you are much better off hiring a landscaper to come to your home. They will then tell you the best herbicides to use, and show you how to use them.  

Winter Pests

Pests look for warm, cozy places to hide out in the winter. If you have leaf or wood piles in your yard, make sure they are not up against your home. If you do, they will make their way into your home to an even warmer place to live. If you use firewood, do not bring it into your home until you are ready to burn it. You may be carrying pests along with the wood into your home.

These pests could also get onto your plants and flowers in the spring when the weather warms up, causing damage to them.

Hire a pest control company, like ASE Pest & Weed Supplies, to spray outside before the snows hit to kill these pests so you will not have a problem with them when spring arrives.

Once you take care of these things, you can sit back and rest until spring comes.

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