Damaged Window Frames: The Problems They Can Cause & Cost For A Repair

Are the frames around your windows in bad shape? If you have attempted to repair the frames by sealing up cracks, you may want to get new ones installed instead. In this article, find out how damaged window frames can cause a problem for your house and what getting them repaired by a professional will cost.

What Kind of Problems Can Damaged Window Frames Cause?

Damaged window frames can affect how energy efficient a home is. When the frames are broken or cracked, it is easy for air to get inside your house from the outside. You also end up having to use the heating and cooling system for an extensive amount of time due to some of the air seeping out of the house. The window panes alone can already account for up to 25% of what you are spending on heating costs, and damaged frames cause the percentage to go up even higher.

Another problem that can occur with damaged window frames is the seepage of argon gas if you have it between your window panes. Even a small crack in the frame can lead to the argon gas seeping out. The worst thing about such a problem is that you won't know that the argon gas is gone because it is colorless and doesn't have an odor. The only way to notice that argon gas may possibly be gone is by how much air is seeping in and out of the panes in comparison to what it used to be.

What Does it Cost for a Professional to Repair Damaged Window Frames?

Rebuilding window frames will be priced based on how many are in need of a repair. The complexity of the job will be considered as well, such as if you are living in a house that has more than one story. If you want all of the window frames rebuilt, you are looking at spending an average of $5,000 plus if you want it done by a professional. Keep in mind that whether or not you are getting new window panes installed can also affect the overall price.

Your home will be a lot better at saving energy and being energy-efficient if you make sure your windows are in top shape, especially the frames. Get in touch with a contractor like to set up a time and date for your windows to be repaired!

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