3 Signs That Your Home Could Be At Risk Of A Dryer Fire

Your dryer is probably one of the handiest and most-loved appliances in your home, but it does present a few dangers. If not used and maintained correctly, a dryer can cause a serious house fire. This doesn't mean that you have to get rid of this handy appliance and start hanging your clothes outside on the line, but it does mean that you should take precautions. Luckily, looking for these signs of a potential dryer fire can help you keep your home and family safe.

1. Your Laundry Room is Overly Warm

Even though your dryer puts off a lot of heat, the heat should be contained within the appliance and sent out of the dryer vent. You should not be able to feel much extra heat in your laundry room, other than when you touch the dryer or when you first open the door. If you notice that your laundry room is warmer than the rest of your home, there's a chance that there is a problem with the ventilation. Even though the warmth might feel nice on a cold winter day, it's important to have it looked at as soon as possible by a company like Wildman Dryer Vent Pro, who can determine if you need vent repair or a duct replacement.

2. Your Clothes Take Too Long to Dry

If your dryer is clogged with lint, it will take much longer for your appliance to dry your clothes. This isn't just a minor annoyance, however. A lint clog can put your dryer at an increased risk of a fire, so if you find that you have to restart your dryer regularly in order to get your clothes dry, you shouldn't ignore the problem.

3. You Seldom Clean the Lint Trap

It's not abnormal to be forgetful, and most people have forgotten to clean out their lint traps at least a few times in between loads. If you make a habit of not cleaning out your lint trap before adding a new load of clothes to the dryer, however, the lint could eventually clog up the rest of the appliance and start a fire. Before using your dryer, have the lint trap cleaned out thoroughly, and make a point to clean it out with each use in the future.

Your dryer doesn't have to put you and your family at risk of a horrible house fire. As long as you look out for these three signs and take good care of your dryer, you and your loved ones should be safe while you use this useful home appliance.

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