How Give Any Home A Tropical Update With Shutters

Wherever you own your home, if you want to enjoy the feel of the islands throughout the year, you can give your home a tropical update with the right shutters. Giving your home a tropical renovation can be as simple as adding a few decorative and structural features, as well as accoutrements that make the look complete. But arriving at a home that is from the islands starts when you buy the right shutters.

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You don't have to paint your home key lime or coral to get the feel of the islands, especially if you opt for the right window treatments. Window treatments, inside and out, can give your home an inimitable tropical feel, if selected properly. So if you want an authentic replica of that cottage you saw off of Duval Street, discover the shutters that can give you the exact look you want for your home:

  • Bahamian: Bahamian shutters are an exterior shutter type that hinge from the top of the window and have a bar that props them open on the bottom. They're easy to open and close, give your home an intriguing island vibe, and can be painted or stained any number of times to meet your changing color needs.
  • Plantation: Plantation shutters fit within a door or window frame, on both the interior and exterior of your home, and open and close with a bar, rope, or strip of fabric usually located down the center of the shutters. These shutters have a tropical aesthetic that's iconic, and they can now be found in modern varieties that use wider blades, vertical operation, or composite materials. If you want your home to look like it belongs on a private island, these shutters should replace any traditional dressings you have indoors.

You can opt to use these blinds separately or together, but design options that include exterior Bermudas and interior Plantations will give you the most variety and sophistication. Both types are available in traditional wood, painted wood, or composites, so you can either install an option that's low-maintenance, like composites, or wood ones that can be painted that lime green color—and re-painted again when you get tired of it.

Though you can go all out and renovate your entire home to look like it is from the islands, adding simple window dressings can give you an affordable transformation that makes a difference. So whether you want to come home to Key West in the Upper Peninsula or have Bermuda in your Houston home, you can do it with shutters.

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