Organizing Your Office Move

When moving from one office building to another, you will want to make sure that the belongings you bring are moved safely and efficiently. Your company will most likely hire professional movers to take everything needed to your new building. They will be packing up your desk and furniture. You will be in charge of making sure your files are packed in a way that will be able to be unpacked easily when you arrive. Here are some ways that you can use to organize your items before they are moved.

Now Is The Time To Consolidate

If you have been holding on to things in your office that really are no longer needed, now is the time to unload them. You don't need to bring things that you will not be needing and they will just clutter up your new office. If it hasn't been used in years, it most likely will not been needed.

Go through your paperwork to get rid of things not needed. If you have piles of mail or magazines, only bring the important pieces and ditch the rest. If there are older files that will not be used regularly, now is the time to make some archives so that they will not be in the way when you unpack.

Archives can be placed in large boxes or containers to store in case something older needs to be looked up later. If there are materials that will not be needed that have pertinent company identification upon the pages, you will want to use a shredder before recycling these documents.

Computer Equipment

Before you allow the movers to take your computer, make sure that everything has been backed up on a hard drive in case it is accidentally damaged in the move. You will want to store the hard drive in a safe spot where it cannot be harmed. Wrap it in some bubble wrap and store it in a box of your belongings that will be going into your new office. This back up can save you if you were to lose your files.

Wrap your modem, monitor, and computer in bubble wrap and place them all in a box together. Make sure to label it with your name and department so that it will be returned to you upon arrival in the new office. You may want to add some extra cushioning in the box in case of an accidentally fall or drop. Tape the box securely, as well.

Keeping this tips in mind will help make your move go slower. For more information and ideas, contact a local moving and storage company. 

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