Flower Power: How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

When you think of a wedding, it's hard to imagine a bride clutching a bouquet of garlic and dill.  Yet, early bridal bouquets were often made up of various herb combinations.  Some herbs were believed to bring couples good luck.  Others, like sage, were thought to promote wisdom in a marriage.  While you may find an herb or two in a wedding bouquet, modern brides have many more choices.  With so many floral options, it can be hard to choose the perfect wedding bouquet.  Here are a few tips to get you started.

Find the Right Style

Is your dress ornate or simple?  Do you want a fancy look or a casual one?  Before choosing a bouquet, it's best to know your options. Here are a few of the top bouquet choices:

  • Cascade: If you want something dramatic, the cascade bouquet is for you.  This option looks like a waterfall of flowers "cascading" over the bouquet.  This is a more formal bouquet and works well with orchids and roses.
  • Nosegay: These rounded bouquets are bursting with blooms on top with stems underneath.  Often times, the stems are wrapped in ribbon.  Nosegay bouquets can be simple or more ornate.  Roses and hydrangeas are some top picks for this type of bouquet.
  • Arm Sheath: If you like a no-frills bouquet, an arm sheath is a great choice.  Brides cradle long-stemmed flowers in their inner arm.  Calla lilies are a popular choice for this variety.
  • Crescent Bouquet: Want something unexpected?  Then choose a crescent bouquet.  Best for longer, formal gowns, this bouquet has a quarter moon shape and often has a wired handle for the bride to hold.

Make it Symbolic

Many flowers are symbolic in nature.  In other words, the type and color of your flowers can send a message.  For instance, known as the traditional wedding flower, white roses symbolize unity, virtue and purity.  Here are a few other types of flowers you may want in your bouquet:

  • Yellow tulips: Great to show everyone that you are hopelessly in love.
  • Gardenias: These fragrant white flowers symbolize joy.  
  • Violets: These signify faithfulness, an important quality in marriage.  
  • Red roses: A classic reminder of love and romance.
  • Stephanotis: Popular for weddings, these delicate white flowers represent good luck.

Consider the Season

You may love sunflowers.  However, if you're tying the knot in the winter, these giant sunny blooms may not be appropriate.  When choosing flowers for your bouquet, it is necessary to consider these seasonal tips:

  • Summer: Flowers with a waxy texture are likely to withstand the heat a bit better.  Orchids, birds-of-paradise, tiger lilies and roses tend to tolerate higher temperatures than other varieties.  
  • Fall: Rich hues such as aubergine, copper and maroon are perfect for fall.  Dahlias come in many different red shades.  Adding some dark green filler will help add some drama to your bouquet.
  • Winter: For a wintery feel, elements such as berries, pinecones and evergreens can be worked into standard bouquets with white or red roses.  
  • Spring: Light and delicate flowers are perfect for spring.  Some of the top choices include peonies, ranunculus, tulips and lilacs.  

In the end, make sure to show plenty of pictures to a wedding florist like so they can get an idea of your ultimate bouquet.  This will ensure you are given exactly what you want!

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