Three Trees Not To Plant In Your Yard

Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard. They provide shade, privacy, and decoration to a yard, but they can also be bad news for the property. Instead of planting trees and having to worry about how they are going to damage your property and your home in the future, you should plant trees that will provide you with the same benefits with less worry. Continue reading to learn about trees that you should never plant in your yard.


The willow tree is one that anyone can recognize. Its branches are long and skinny. They are full of foliage and hang down to create a whimsical look in your front yard. They are truly beautiful and unique, but they are not a tree that you want to plant just anywhere on your property.

The willow needs a lot of water and will get it any way it can, even if that means going through your irrigation pipes or your drain fields. The wood is weak and cracks easily, causing the tree to have a shorter lifespan.

Silver Maple

The silver maple makes a great shade tree. It is tall, has a wide span and looks beautiful on a property. Sounds great, right? The problem with the silver maple is that it grows fast. Trees that grow too fast, such as the silver maple, develop weak wood that breaks easily during storms. They also create shallow root systems that can wreak havoc on your sewer pipes, septic system components, and cause your sidewalks and driveways to crack.

Bradford Pear

The Bradford Pear is popular for its smaller size, symmetrical shape, and its beautiful blossoms. They look beautiful along a property line and can add just the right amount of shade. But there is more than meets the eye with this tree.

Once the Bradford Pear matures, its wood splits and cracks and creates a less than stable and attractive tree. As if that weren't enough reason not to plant it in your yard, the blossoms come with an odor that as a smelly as the blooms are beautiful. 

These are just a few of the trees that aren't recommended for your home landscaping. Even though they are all beautiful trees, they will quickly lose their beauty when they are threatening your property. Talk with your landscaper and find out what trees are appropriate for your yard before you make any decisions. 

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