Repair A Chipped Window On Your Garden Shed

If your garden shed has a chipped window, you do not have to immediately purchase a replacement piece of glass. In fact, you can repair this area so that the window looks as good as new and the damage is not noticeable. The piece of glass will continue to hold up and you won't have to worry about it leaking or becoming cracked. The steps to repair the chipped area are listed below. 

Use These Materials

  • window cleaner
  • clean cloth
  • putty knife
  • tweezers
  • flash light
  • glass repair kit
  • masking tape

Remove Glass Fragments And Clean The Window

Remove glass fragments that are present in the chipped area. Shine a flashlight on the window to assist with seeing where each of the pieces are. Use a pair of pliers to carefully remove them. Clean the entire window pane with window cleaner and a clean cloth. Be extra careful when cleaning the chipped area. Use consistent pressure, but don't push down on the glass too hard. Since the repair hasn't been made yet, this section of the glass may be a little bit weaker than the rest. Make sure the damaged area is dry before moving on to the next step.

Administer The Resin

Your kit will contain a few pieces that need to be connected in order to apply the resin properly. One piece will have a circular opening on the top that is connected to suction cups. Place this piece over the damaged area, making sure that the opening is centered over the chipped area. Press the suction cups down so that the piece does not fall off the glass.

Insert the piece that is a long tube into the circular opening. It will screw right into the opening. You will administer the resin through this tube. Open the epoxy resin and squeeze a few drops through the end of the tube. As the resin comes out of the tube, it will fill in the chipped section.

Add Pressure To The Resin And Wait For It To Dry

Another piece, which is referred to as a plunger, will connect to the tube that you just used to administer the resin. Insert this piece into the end of the tube and twist it tightly. It will apply pressure to the resin, helping it to bond to the chipped area. After a few minutes, remove the plunger and suction cup piece. Place the piece of film over the area that was previously damaged, making sure that it does not become wrinkled.

Place a couple pieces of tape on the sides of the film to hold it secure. Use a putty knife and smooth it over the area that contains the resin. This will even out the product. View the repaired area from the other side of the glass. Once the resin is clear in color, remove the film. The glass will look as it normally would and the damage will not be noticeable. Visit a site like if you need professional help.

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