Unique Dining Room Designs To Try

The dining room is one room in your home that can be truly reflective of your personality. Whether your tastes are trendy, traditional or modern you can find a unique dining room style that is perfect for you. Here are some unique dining room designs to get you started. 

White With a Splash of Color

For a simple, sleek and modern look try painting everything in your dining room white. Then choose one bold color like red or teal, and add a few accents in that color alone. Your accent color could be on candlesticks, on chair pillows or on a mirror hung on the wall. 

This trend is perfect for an informal family dining area. 


Unfinished furniture in a rustic style creates a natural looking space that promotes family time and togetherness. When you choose dining room furniture with this look in mind, think of log cabins and houses in the woods. Look for a table with a deep grain pattern in the wood, and add metal lighting fixtures with an industrial look to bring interest to the space. 

Mixed Fabric

Add fabric to your dining space to bring elements of relaxed charm. Use fabric on chair seats, as a runner on the table and as window coverings. For a country chic look, choose fabrics in floral prints and stripes with complementary colors. 

Replace Chairs With Benches

Benches make a dining room feel cozy. Choose benches in bright colors for a casual space, or beautiful wooden benches to compliment a more traditional dining room. 

Glass Accents

Create an elegant look in your dining room with glass and crystal. Choose a dining room table with a glass top, or add a glass overlay to an existing table. Add a crystal chandelier and silver candlesticks to complete the look. Light from the chandelier will reflect in the glass on the table and create a stunning picture. 

Butcher Block Table

One modern look for dining room furniture is a thick, low style. Pair a butcher block table with chunky wooden chairs to get this look. Add a thick rug under the table and hand heavy wooden picture frames on the walls. 

High Contrast Chairs and Table

Contrasting colors is a trend in modern decorating. To get this look, choose table and chairs in a dark wood, and then have chairs upholstered in pale pink or ivory. This style is beautiful in a formal dining room. 

The dining room is a perfect place to express your personal style. Choosing the right dining room furniture with beautiful woods and accessories will make this space your own.

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