Searching For The Hidden Cracks In Your Foundation: Why You Never Saw Them Before

Some cracks in the foundation of your home are not as obvious as the splits you see while standing outside. In fact, you may not see any cracks from the outside, but the cracks you see in the cement walls of your basement show that you have a problem. Not only do cracks start below the ground's surface, but there may also be several cracks that you never see. If your basement is wetter than you would like but you cannot see where the water or moisture is coming from, here is how to find the leaks and patch them properly.

Cracks Under the Basement Stairs

Some old basements were once cellars. In these cellar-basements, the stairs were wooden but built such that they were cemented into the nearest wall. The problem with these old stairs is that, after some time, the constant weight bearing they do causes small cracks to develop under and around each of the wooden steps. The cracks eventually can expand and spread, leading to unstable steps into your basement. Additionally, there may be several foundation cracks in the walls underneath the steps which you do not see.

Instead of patching these cracks with cement filler, consult with a foundation crack repair expert like Safe-Guard Waterproofing. He or she can tell you if you need to remove the decades-old stairs and then repair the walls before putting in new stairs. You may need more than one type of contractor for this; general, concrete, or construction.

Cracks Hiding Behind and Underneath Storage Shelves

When it rains, do you notice water running in streams away from the shelving in your basement? It could be that you have some more hidden cracks in these areas too. If the shelves are not bolted to the walls, pull them away and look for the cracks. Even with the walls of your basement underground, cracks can develop, and no space is excluded from their development. In addition to water, if you notice an increase in bugs or mice in your basement, it may have cracks you need to locate quickly and fix. Be sure to look everywhere. 

Calling Foundation Crack Repair Services

If you feel a little squeamish about looking in the nooks and crannies of your basement to find hidden cracks and leaks, then call a foundation crack repair company. The specialist arrives in coveralls and ready to poke around in the most unpleasant spaces your basement has. He or she will find the cracks and then let you know exactly what your repair options are.

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